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Custom Bracelet

Available in 3 Materials
Custom Bracelet

Maximum 60 characters. Scroll down for more information.

Please note that custom MantraBands have a 6-8 week production time.

Select Your Material Silver
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold

Please read before ordering:

  • Minimum quantity for wholesale pricing is 30 bracelets with the same mantra, with at least 10 bands per color.

  • Quantity-based price breaks are available. See table below for discount codes & corresponding prices.
    Order Quantity Discount Code Discount Cost per unit
    30 bands Custom30 50% $19/silver, $23/gold, rose gold
    100 bands Custom100 55%
    $17.10/silver, $20.70/gold, rose gold
    300 bands Custom300 60%
    $15.20/silver, $18.40/gold, rose gold
    500 bands Custom500 65%
    $13.30/silver, $16.10/gold, rose gold
  • Production time for custom bands is 6-8 weeks. 
    U.S. shipping takes additional 5-7 business days.

  • Symbols - only the following symbols are allowed. Please copy and paste the following symbols for your order: 
    ❤️🖤💗💙💜💚💛    † ➳ °
    Hearts will be printed in the color provided. All other symbols will be printed in black.
    Any other emoji/symbol will not be engraved.
    Periods, dashes, bullet points, apostrophes, commas, colons, semicolons, and hashtags are allowed. 

  • Please note: We will not inscribe profane or suggestive profane words or phrases on MantraBand custom bracelets. Any bracelets that violate this policy will be held and you will be notified via email to update your order before we will begin production. 

Due to the nature of custom items, no cancellations, returns, or exchanges will be accepted.

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Hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable

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