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Please note: currently we are taking orders for September Mantra of the Month. First month's subscription payment will be processed on the date of purchase. Payment will process on the 22nd day of each month after that. Your box will ship the last week of the month. 

What is Mantra of the Month?

Each month you will receive a set of MantraBands with the mantra that embodies the spirit of the month. Promote this mantra to your fans and customers throughout the month - MantraBand does this as well in addition to paid advertising. 

You will receive 10%+ discount on the mantra of the month. Please pass these savings to your customers by offering 20% off MSRP on the Mantra of the Month during the month. 

Subscription details:

  • Subscription boxes will ship out once per month, set to arrive the first week of the month.
  • Subscription options are: 5 bracelets, 9 bracelets, or 15 bracelets per box.

    • 5 Bracelets: you will receive 5 silver bracelets with the mantra of the month
    • 9 Bracelets: you will receive 9 bracelets total, 3 each in our 3 standard colors (silver, gold, and rose gold)
    • 15 Bracelets: you will receive 15 bracelets total, 5 each in our 3 standard colors (silver, gold, and rose gold)

  • Each subscription box includes original hand drawn art stickers which you can share with your customers.

Cutoff date to order a monthly box is the last day of the month.

Love Mantrabands

Discreet - you can wear them to work & play

Fully adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly

Hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable

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